Toyota officials said they will continue to produce sedans against market trends. Despite the fact that other manufacturers, due to falling demand, partially or completely abandon sedans in favor of crossovers.

The last decade and the efforts of marketers have changed the tastes of buyers and the market. As a result, comfortable sedans so familiar to us leave the market en masse. Demand falls, especially for large D-class sedans. Ford discontinued the popular Fusion at the end of 2020, despite continued demand. The Fiesta and Focus sedans left the market even earlier. The remaining 2 Lincoln sedans also went under the knife. In Europe, Mondeo is also not rosy. Mazda6 is also rapidly losing ground.

Thus, of the serious players in the global sedan market, premium brands remain, they still feel quite good. More budget models remain Toyota Corolla and Camry, several sedans from Hyundai and Kia. And that’s all! Yes, in some “developing” markets you can find models that were originally hatchbacks, but for the sake of local fashion received a separate trunk. Globally, the ranks of sedans have already rapidly thinned.

During a meeting with reporters at Toyota’s North American headquarters, Carscoops said the manufacturer said the company would continue to produce sedans. Against the background of all that is happening on the market, Toyota’s statement looks unexpected. But someone had to do it. There are fewer sedans, but still many people do not like crossovers and are ready to buy new four-doors. Yes, the market has shrunk, but competition has also diminished. And that’s exactly what Toyota is banking on.

Modern platforms make it possible to change the exterior and interior of cars almost without changing technology to match the current trends in design and technology. Of course, it will hardly do without changes in technology, because ecologists are not asleep. All this makes it possible to extend the life of these models for several more years because modernization is always cheaper than developing from scratch.

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