test drive Mazda

In a number of compact crossovers, a replenishment – Mazda brought the CX-30. We have already managed to get acquainted with the car, which is designed to strengthen the position of the Japanese brand.

Test drive Mazda CX-30. As outside

Test drive Mazda

The Mazda CX-30 debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The model turned out to be 120 mm longer than the CX-3 and 155 mm shorter than the CX-5.

The car is built on the lightweight Skyactiv Vehicle Architecture chassis, which forms the basis of the new generation Mazda3 family. The length of the crossover was 4395 mm, width – 1795 mm, height – 1540 mm, and the size of the wheelbase is 2655 millimeters. The ground clearance is 180 millimeters.

Test drive Mazda that the CX-30 is a true presentation of Kodo’s signature design. Confusing Mazda with cars from other companies will not work, but with the CX-5 it is easy. Especially at the front, where there is a large grille and narrow headlights. At the rear, the car is distinguished by horizontally elongated optics, a spoiler-visor over the rear window, and two exhaust pipes. But even the similarity with the CX-5 does not interfere with the car – it looks all five points out of five.

Test drive Mazda. How inside

It’s no secret that Mazda is trying to get closer and closer to premium with every new car. The CX-30 is no exception. We tested cars in the top-end Supreme configuration, which features a two-tone leather interior.

The interior itself is one of the most stylish and high-quality in the class, you can see with what diligence the finishing materials were selected. Contrary to the current fashion, there are not a huge number of touch screens here. On the other hand, there are ventilation deflectors of an unusual shape, metalized door handles, and adjustments of the media system, pleasant tactile buttons.

The front seats are very comfortable, with good lateral support, during our trip nothing got numb or sick. And this, of course, is the main indicator. In the richest version, the seats have a two-position electric drive.

Mazda adheres to the principle of “everything for the driver, everything in front of the driver and everything around the driver.” That is why the dashboard is perfectly readable, and the necessary information is easily found. Our car also had a projection onto the glass, which makes life even easier when driving. A multimedia system with an 8.8-inch display – in terms of functionality and picture quality, is another step forward for the company. She has to drive with a washer familiar from other cars on the central tunnel. Simple and convenient.

Fast forward to the second row, where, unfortunately, there is not so much space and were, by the way, it is not so easy to get there – the doorway is very narrowed. Yes, the class of the car does not imply that royal space awaits you here, but the fact is that even a person of average height will feel constrained. And three of us on a long journey is better not to go.

From the convenience of passengers – a pair of deflectors, a folding armrest with cup holders, separate lighting, and pockets in the doors. There is no USB connector for charging gadgets – you will have to pull the wire into the central armrest box. Also, even in the most top-end configuration, you will not find heated rear seats (as well as the windshield).

The trunk of the CX-30 is much smaller than the cargo compartment of the CX-5: 295 liters versus 440. Unfortunately, there are no shelves and niches for small items. You will not find hooks for bags and bags either. There is also no additional 12-volt outlet. There is a stowaway under the floor. Everything.

How Mazda CX-30 rides

In general, the CX-30 is very pleasant to drive: both in turns and on a straight line, where the car stands confidently even at high speed. Yes, there are traditional McPherson struts in the front and a semi-independent beam in the rear, but the Japanese engineers set everything up perfectly. Some of my colleagues complained about a stiff suspension, but this was not confirmed during our trip. Although you need to understand that we drove on very high-quality asphalt, we did not come across broken roads.

A separate topic is a four-wheel drive. Mazda is absolutely honest about the fact that this car needs it primarily to improve safety and driving pleasure. No, no one forbids driving on the dirt road, but you need to understand that the declared clearance of 18 cm is in fact a little less, and the engine is covered from below not even with plastic, but only with a soft boot. So it’s better not to meddle on the off-road.

Test drive Mazda

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