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Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 review and description: appearance, interior, specifications, features, equipment, and cost

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At the beginning of autumn, the car market expanded with several luxury models. The announced premium sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 aroused particular interest from motorists. The most famous representative of the British concern has officially changed a generation, having received many global changes.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 is now produced on an aluminum platform, has a bolder silhouette, and the most modern technical equipment. During the renovation, the car became even more expensive: now its price reaches 250 thousand pounds sterling (about 25 million rubles). For comparison, the predecessor sold for 190 thousand pounds sterling.

A bit of history about the Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

In 2009, Rolls-Royce official sources announced the planned release of a unique model that will differ from the legendary flagship Phantom.

The first Goodwood Ghost was an incredible success with buyers and was actively marketed for 10 years. Growth in sales in the European market allowed the manufacturer to expand its capacity and make global investments to release new products.

In addition, the model has helped the Luxury Intelligence team gather important information about the needs of today’s car owners and their perception of the Rolls-Royce brand. The energetic and luxurious look of the Ghost has made the sedan one of the company’s most successful projects in the years.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 exterior – flawless car

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost retained its signature styling but lost many of the lines and accents that its predecessor had. As a result, the exterior has become as expressive and “clean” as possible.

An interesting point: in the presented Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021, the characteristic three-dimensional emblem “Spirit of Ecstasy” is not on the radiator grille, but on a separate panel integrated into the hood (the British company decided to abandon tradition for the first time in its history).

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

The radiator grille itself is equipped with 20 LED elements, which are used for additional illumination of the structure at night. It is made in the new concept of Post Opulence, which provides for the abandonment of excess pretentiousness and many details.

This direction completely changes the traditions of the company but does not imply a global revolution. Therefore, the buyer is offered a classic Rolls-Royce, but in a more minimalistic design.

The lanterns in the stern have also gone through a change. They received a different configuration and less pronounced contour.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

Like the previous generation, the doors are electrically operated. At the same time, on the new “Ghost” it functions in the “background” by default. This feature makes it easier to open and close doors. If a person stops applying force on the structure, it is fixed in an intermediate state.

Unlike its predecessor, which was designed on the basis of the BMW 7-series, the new product is technically comparable to the cars of the Cullinan and Phantom series. All three models are built on an aluminum space platform that supports the body panels.

As a result of the change in architecture, the external dimensions of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 were increased:

Length, mm                                                             5546
Width, mm                                                              1978
Height, mm                                                             1571
Wheelbase, mm                                                      3295

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

The Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 has undergone significant changes to the flooring design. This was necessary to accommodate an all-wheel-drive platform and a redesigned Planar Suspension System that enhances the Magic Carpet Ride’s styling.

The complete absence of closed lines and seams allows you to cover the exterior at a glance. To obtain perfectly smooth and continuous joints, the body is assembled by hand by four craftsmen.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 salon – retained its features and quality of finish

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 is a classic four-door sedan with doors swinging open in different directions. At the same time, as a novelty, they are equipped with an intelligent drive mechanism that takes into account the position of the web. The doors support automatic opening with a push button. In standard mode, the drive helps a person open or close a door.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

The Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 has several useful options:

  • virtual dashboard;
  • point illumination of the front surface with visual accompaniment in the style of the “starry sky”. This effect is created by 152 diode elements;
  • ultra-fine air purification agent Micro Environment Purification System;
  • acoustic complex Bespoke with 18 speakers with a total power of 1.3 kW.

Designers have assigned a special role to interior lighting. The word “Ghost” is illuminated on the passenger side of the instrument panel. There are 152 LEDs above and below the tidy. To evenly distribute the light according to the word “Ghost”, the manufacturers illuminated 90,000 laser-printed dots. They form one luminous line 2 mm thick.

Such features not only contribute to uniform illumination but also generate a kind of flicker during visual inspection. To achieve this effect, the designers had to spend as much time as individual automakers spend on the manufacture of the power plant. While the backlight is off, the lighting remains invisible.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

The Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 also has the most advanced electronic systems such as active cruise, multiple all-around cameras, an automated parking aid, pedestrian and animal detection regardless of the time of day, and lane tracking. The car also knows how to carry out emergency braking and notify the driver about possible obstacles when driving in reverse.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

Particular attention has been paid to improving the soundproofing of the cabin. Engineers have refined everything to the smallest detail so that the interior is isolated from ambient noise. Maximum absorption of sound and vibration is provided by advanced insulating materials weighing about 100 kg.

In addition to the acoustic serenity inside, the company has envisioned a high-quality Bespoke Audio sound platform. The novelty uses resonant acoustics, which is installed in the body sills. As a result, the car turns into a kind of subwoofer.

The powerful amplifier is responsible for driving 18 channels (1 for each speaker), so it generates an output power of 1300 watts. State-of-the-art optimization technologies and high-precision cones made of magnesium-ceramic alloy minimize sound vibrations.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

Two active microphones in the cabin adjust the frequency balance before starting the amplifier and adjust the volume of individual ranges. The Bespoke Audio system guarantees the highest quality music reproduction.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 specs – a voracious behemoth

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost is powered by a powerful 6.75-liter V12 engine. The unit is equipped with two turbocharged compressors and is located behind the front axle. This feature made it possible to achieve an almost ideal load distribution between the axles – 50:50.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 engine generates 571 hp. from. power. The torque on the regular version is 850 Nm, and on the long version – 900 Nm of thrust. In two cases, the maximum speed is reached already from 1,600 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is about 3.8 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h.

The power plant is paired with an 8-band ZF automatic transmission. At the same time, British engineers corrected the program of its work, so the box switches speed taking into account the parameters of the navigation system. So, before driving on a hill, electronic components activate a downshift in advance.

Also, Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 is the first sedan of the British concern with all-wheel-drive architecture. The second generation of the “Ghost” has a 4WD transmission, borrowed from the Cullinan SUV with an accelerating clutch on the front axle. The company’s engineers claim that such features made the model more manageable, especially in snowy conditions.

In addition, the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost features the innovative Planar Suspension System, which is an enhanced modification of the Magic Carpet Ride chassis with integrated dampers. These elements are located on the upper combined arms of the front suspension. According to the manufacturer, the innovations have increased the comfort and stability of the car in a straight line.

The very running gear of the Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 is active. There is a stereo camera under the surface of the windshield, which sends the necessary data for its correct operation. The electronic component analyzes the terrain ahead and sends the appropriate signals to the actuators. The latter regulates the position of the body using anti-roll bars.

Similar functions are triggered when driving at speeds up to 100 km / h. Also in the Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 is an integrated full-steering chassis with steering elements on the rear axle.

The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost is equipped with new upper arm suspension assemblies. They are included in the new “flat suspension” kit. This design is paired with Rolls-Royce’s innovative Flagbearer system.

The option was present on Phantom and Cullinan cars, but in the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost, it was combined with a Planar suspension for the first time.

Price and equipment of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021

For the purchase of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 in Britain, you will need to pay at least £ 250,000.

Representatives of the auto concern claim that 98% of buyers choose an individual version of the car, so the starting price is seriously increasing. At the same time, the new Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 will become the cheapest model of the manufacturer, because it targets the younger generation. However, it will incorporate the best achievements of the company in the automotive industry.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 is the most high-tech project of the company. It provides the following options:

  • LED and laser headlights capable of illuminating the space at a distance of up to 600 m;
  • notification of pedestrians, animals, and other obstacles in low light conditions;
  • driver vigilance tracking system;
  • 4-camera system with a panoramic and all-round view;
  • active cruise;
  • lane shift notification;
  • advanced head-up display;
  • built-in Wi-Fi access point;
  • the latest navigation and infotainment complexes.


The Rolls-Royce Ghost 2021 developers have made every effort to make the presented new product the best project in the history of the company on the market. The engineers took into account the wishes of their customers and did everything to meet their needs.

The luxury sedan features the best innovations and while not the most expensive car in the lineup, it is expected to compete with the current Phantom flagships.

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