Mercedes E Class Interior

Mercedes e class interior redesigned. The dashboard with analog dials is now replaced by a 12.3-inch digital display (see photo). The driver can select a configuration and display the values ​​on the monitor. The steering wheel of the Mercedes e class interior is trimmed with leather and has tides in the places where the hands are gripped.

Mercedes E Class Interior

Mercedes e class interior in the cabin new seats with a redesigned profile. Many electrical adjustments create comfort for people of different sizes. Chairs have memory for several positions, heating and ventilation functions. The back row is designed for two passengers. The third will be constrained by a high transmission tunnel.

Mercedes E Class Interior Mercedes E Class Interior

The upper segment is reserved for the four original air vents with silver edging. There is also a large 12-inch multimedia screen. The monitor can display video from all-round cameras, execute commands from a smartphone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay applications, or show navigation maps

The design of the Mercedes e class interior is dominated by premium finishing materials, natural leather, elastic-plastic and decorative wood. The upgrade allowed the designers to implement solutions that significantly increase comfort and safety. In particular:

  • additional buttons expanded the functionality of the multifunction steering wheel trimmed with leather;
  • the analog instrument cluster was replaced with a digital 12-inch multi-mode panel;
  • some of the command functions have been transferred to the touchscreen monitor of the onboard multimedia complex.

A low but wide tunnel adjoins the lower tier of the center console, complemented by four round ventilation deflectors. Its configuration includes touch-sensitive controls for onboard equipment, an extended list of organizers, and a spacious mini-refrigerator hidden under the armrest.

A characteristic feature of the new Mercedes e class interior is a large number of state-of-the-art automotive electronics. Assistants help to choose the optimal driving mode, take information from signs and road markings and monitor the traffic situation, and provide assistance when parking.

In the asset of the front seats: a list of operational adjustments, complete with memory, comfortable head restraints and lateral support, integrated ventilation, and seat heating circuits. The updated sedan will receive pneumatic seat belts and active safety equipment that minimizes the consequences of a side impact.

The new body also offers a useful volume of a 540-liter trunk with a storage compartment built into the flat floor for a full-size spare wheel, lighting, and special fasteners for securing non-standard loads.

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