Lewis Hamilton

Negotiations of the seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes on a new contract soured after in Monte Carlo.

According to the source, before the Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton and Mercedes reached an agreement to extend the 1 + 1 contract, according to which the Briton’s salary would be 24.5 million euros. The parties did not have time to discuss only one point – the future of the rider after the end of his career. It was planned that the new contract would spell out Hamilton’s role in the team after leaving Formula 1.

However, after the race in Monte Carlo, in which Lewis Hamilton took only 7th position, negotiations were suspended. In particular, the management of the Daimler car company did not like Hamilton’s comments, who made them blame for the unsuccessful race, given that the Briton and his team-mate Valtteri Bottas had the same settings. In this regard, the management of “Mercedes” may revise the terms of the agreement with Hamilton.

Recall that the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix was Red Bull pilot Max Verstappen, who is ahead of Hamilton in the overall standings by four points (105 versus 101).

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