Infiniti QX60

The date of the world premiere of the new generation Infiniti QX60, which the brand representatives call the most perfect crossover of the brand, has been announced. The presentation will take place on June 23, 2021.

A lot is already known about the new Infiniti QX60. The design of the novelty was shown on the example of the QX60 Monograph concept and judging by the previously published pictures of the prototype in camouflage, the commercial version will inherit the proportions and basic stylistic elements of the show car, including the developed sidewalls and a huge radiator grille. Except that on the doors, there will be conventional handles (the concept had retractable) and larger side mirrors.

But there is still less information about the features of the three-row salon. From the photo, we can assume that the new product will be allocated better materials and modern electronics, in particular, quilted leather on the front panel overlay and a large display of the media system. It looks like the crossover will retain major climate controls and some keys.

Infiniti QX60

The Infiniti QX60 will receive a naturally aspirated V6 gasoline engine with direct injection – a 3.5-liter unit with a capacity of 283 hp on special active mountings that dampen vibrations. The engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic from ZF, which appeared on the fifth-generation Nissan Pathfinder.

Infiniti QX60

The new Infiniti QX60 all-wheel-drive system differs from the previous ones in compactness and manufacturability. It reacts more quickly to changing road conditions by distributing torque to all wheels. High-speed performance is achieved due to the new center coupling, which, if necessary, “almost instantly” redistributes torque to the rear wheels. Unlike traditional electromagnetic clutches, which connect four-wheel drive when the front wheels slip, the all-wheel-drive system of the new Infiniti QX60, thanks to numerous sensors, predicts in advance which axle it is necessary to direct additional traction too. Sometimes this happens even before the front wheels slip into a spin.

Up to 50% of the torque can be redistributed to the rear wheels. In addition, the Infiniti QX60 is equipped with the Active Brake Limited Slip system, which, due to braking, adjusts the distribution of torque between the wheels. This is especially useful, for example, on icy roads where the wheels only have traction on one side. The imitation of the rear cross-axle differential lock is also useful for sharp overtakes and starts from a standstill.

Infiniti QX60

The system has been tested for several years in the most extreme locations in North America. Low-temperature tests have been carried out in regions such as Alaska, Northern Quebec, and Michigan. In addition to tests in the northern regions, the QX60 was tested in locations such as California’s Death Valley and the Moab Desert in Utah.

Sales of the new generation Infiniti QX60 will start in the fall of 2021. First in the USA and Canada, and then in the markets of other countries.

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