LEXUS UX Interior

The new Lexus UX has turned out to be the most catchy of the entire lineup. Its design is like the swing of a samurai sword, filled with swiftness and light. Sharp edges of the body, squinting headlights, accentuated by a sharp stroke of LED strips – all these are elements of a single style that continues in the cabin.

The interior of the Lexus UX, although complex in architecture, retains the same swiftness of lines. At the same time, ergonomics are in perfect order, all parts are carefully thought out and adjusted to ensure intuitive operation.

Lexus UX interior from the inside in the new body is visually divided into two halves: the bottom multi-level front panel, reminiscent of scenery from sci-fi movies, and the top – panoramic glass. It provides excellent visibility and fills the interior with light and air.

Lexus UX interior, the front panel is decorated with a virtual dashboard, equipped with a whole block of buttons, illuminated by atmospheric illumination, and finally impresses with a climate control display and a multimedia system monitor.

The seats are distinguished by a comfortable profile, a wide range of electric adjustments, heating, and ventilation system. This is common in the premium class, but the way things are done in the new Lexus UX is top-notch even for luxury cars.

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