Land Rover Discovery 2021

Features and overview of Land Rover Discovery 2021: appearance, interior, specifications, engines, equipment, and prices.

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4 years have passed since the presentation of the 5th generation Land Rover Discovery SUV, so all fans of the model expected the debut of the restyled release. Details of the updated car were published on November 10th. The developers of the model slightly changed the appearance, provided for new electronic systems and onboard equipment, and also expanded the Ingenium engine line with the MHEV platform. But whether this will help the company break down the negative statistics on sales of previous Discovery variations, we will be able to find out only after the start of sales.

The exterior of the new Land Rover Discovery is elegant

Land Rover Discovery 2021

Externally, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery can be distinguished from the previous release only by the radiator grille, which has lost horizontal slats, updated bumpers, and a new optics configuration. Now the headlights of the car are equipped with LED equipment even as standard. As an option, the manufacturer offers matrix optics with graphical cornering guidance.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

Also, the novelty has ventilation inserts on the front fenders, which are painted in the same color as the entire body. For an additional fee, you can opt for the R-Dynamic package, which makes the exterior look as expressive and sporty as possible. In this version, black and dark gray details around the body perimeter are provided, as well as original sewing of the seats with contrasting upholstery in color. The R-Dynamic package will feature body accents in Gloss Black.

When the Narvik Black finish is chosen, the car will receive a unique front bumper configuration that follows the sporty styling. This package includes an exclusive grille, new air vents, and a “Discovery” badge on the tailgate and bonnet.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

The profile projection of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery stands out for its muscular curves, an elongated bonnet, and many embossed side panels. The C-pillar of the roof structure is slightly tilted forward, which looks very stylish and elegant. At the same time, the stern remains the least expressive – only the one-piece trunk door, LED equipment, and an asymmetric area under the number signs look interesting at the back. To emphasize the corporate design concept, the characteristic hump has been retained at the rear of the roof.

The dimensions of the fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery 2021 have been retained unchanged and exactly correspond to the class of off-road cars:

Length, mm                                                   4970
Width, mm                                                     2073
Height, mm                                                   1846
Wheelbase, mm                                            2923

If the ground clearance on conventional springs is 220 mm, then in the case of the air suspension it can be adjusted from 160 to 284 mm, which is very convenient when operating the car in different conditions.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

For Land Rover Discovery 2021, there are several modifications of wheel rims with dimensions from 19 to 21 inches. Wheels differ in appearance and finish (it depends on the selected configuration). To add more elegance to the exterior, you can order different options for the exterior:

  • Silver;
  • Diamond Turned;
  • Gloss Black;
  • Dark Satin Gray.

The discs are designed in such a way that they stand out from the rest. As an option, the buyer can choose a fixed or sliding panoramic roof with an electric drive. It visually expands the space inside the car, filling it with natural light all the way to the outer rear sofa.

The LED optics of the new Land Rover Discovery 2021 have adaptive settings. The system automatically shifts the light output in the direction of the steering wheel, effectively illuminating road bumps and bends. This improves the safety of the driver and other road users in dark conditions.

Land Rover Discovery 2021 salon – simple and high quality

Land Rover Discovery 2021

The interior of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery SUV has gone through more changes. The cabin now features a new steering wheel, a redesigned gear selector, and an updated instrument and infotainment panel. The classic automatic transmission selector washer was replaced with a neat lever with electronic filling and a small number of keys near it.

Despite the laconic and restrained interior, only expensive and noble materials are used inside the Land Rover Discovery 2021. The trim is made of premium leather, wood, and aluminum inserts.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

The cabin displays premium luxury and first-class quality. Seats are available in Windsor or Grained leather, as well as Natural Charcoal Oak and High Gloss Charcoal Oak wood inserts.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

Such elements emphasize the uniqueness and exclusivity of the machine. To maintain a comfortable microclimate in the cabin, a highly efficient climate control system is provided. Depending on your preference, it can have 2, 3, or 4 zones.

The complex was designed by leading engineers of the British auto concern and was tested in real operating conditions at temperatures from -40 to +50 ° C.

At the front is a large 11.4-inch Pivi Pro multimedia center display. The complex is compatible with the interactive systems Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and supports the “cloud” update.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

The car also has an integrated Wi-Fi access point to which you can connect up to 8 gadgets, as well as a wireless charging platform for compatible mobile devices.

The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster has also changed. Despite keeping the dimensions, the designers have changed the appearance of the “tidy”, making it look like the performance of an infotainment center.

The car owner has at his disposal a projection screen and a means of saturating the air with ions with filtration of PM2.5 particulate matter.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

The front seats have thoughtful geometric shapes, high-quality lateral support, and a wide range of electrical adjustments.

The rear row of seats has reinforced lateral support and extended cushions. In addition, tablet holders that are integrated into the seatbacks and several USB interfaces are available for second-row riders. The sofa can be adjusted at the backrest angle and in the longitudinal direction.

The ventilation holes have moved from the side of the B-pillars to the console, which contributes to more efficient ventilation of the interior.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

If a 7-seater SUV is selected, the luggage compartment will be 258 liters. When the two rows of seats are folded, the space reserve will be increased to 2391 liters. If you hide only the outer rear sofa, the volume will be 1137 liters. For comparison, in the 5-seater version, it is 1231 liters.

For Land Rover Discovery HSE and HSE Luxury trim levels, the seat folding options will be available using dedicated buttons in the trunk or through a dedicated software interface. It can be launched via the infotainment display or mobile app.

Land Rover Discovery 2021 comes standard with intelligent seat folding and an electric tailgate that supports contactless opening.

Specifications of Land Rover Discovery 2021

Land Rover Discovery 2021

The line of power units no longer has the usual diesel and gasoline V6s of previous releases – they have been replaced by engines from the Ingenium series. The petrol turbocharged “four”, which generates up to 300 liters, remained from the predecessor. from. power at a rotational potential of 400 Nm.

The 6-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 3.0 liters is available in 2 modifications, they differ in forcing:

  • 249 l. from.  (570 Nm of torque);
  • 300 l. from.  (650 Nm of torque).

As the most dynamic engine, a 6-cylinder gasoline unit is used, which produces 360 “horses” of power with a thrust of 500 Nm.

All 3-liter engines will be compatible with MHEV technology. But this only applies to cars that enter the European market. In Russia, the SUV will be available without electronic add-ons.

Like previous SUV modifications, the 2021 Discovery is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel-drive transmission. The standard equipment includes air suspension, an upgraded Terrain Response 2 complex, which adapts to operating conditions, and Wade Mode. The latter is activated when it is necessary to overcome deep water obstacles. The system automatically detects obstacle depth using Wade Sensing. Sensors are integrated into the exterior mirrors to signal that the permissible depth limit of 900 mm has been reached.

The interactive complex launches a visual demonstration of the maximum depth, which is especially convenient when driving in low light conditions.

Land Rover Discovery 2021

Instead of a spring undercarriage, an air chassis and adaptive damping elements are used. The permanent all-wheel-drive system has also undergone global improvements. In standard mode, this complex evenly distributes thrust along the axes. At the same time, it is possible to adjust it with appropriate electronic commands.

The platform is synchronized with a 2-speed transfer case, which reduces speeds and has an optional rear differential with a Torsen locking option.

Under normal operating conditions, the torque is transmitted between the axles in a ratio of 48:52. With increasing loads, the proportions can shift in this way: 62% of the trust is transferred to the front axle, and up to 78% to the rear axle.

When the off-road mode is activated, the approach angle reaches 34 degrees, and the exit angle reaches 30 degrees. If the standard package is selected, the parameters are 28.5 and 27 degrees.

The car feels equally good both in city and highway conditions, and off-road. It has fantastic towing capabilities. According to manufacturers, the SUV will be able to transport trailers weighing up to 3,500 kg, and the presence of special functions will make the towing process safe and efficient.

Land Rover’s sophisticated geometry and unique features maintain maximum performance on both flat and off-road surfaces.

Price and equipment of Land Rover Discovery 2021

Land Rover Discovery 2021

Land Rover Discovery 2021 is now available for pre-order. For UK residents, the SUV is available starting at £ 53,655. In the American market, a new product will have to pay from 54 thousand dollars.


Land Rover Discovery 2021 is a luxury business car that combines comfort, dynamism, and excellent off-road performance. This model is suitable for those buyers who are not used to deny themselves anything.

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