Kia K5 2021

Description and characteristics of Kia K5 2021: appearance, interior, technical details, motors.

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In the near future, the lineup of Korean automakers will be replenished with the recently announced Kia K5 2021 premium sedan, which is known to the general public as the Kia Optima. The engineers of the auto concern tried not only to preserve the success of the previous generations but also to introduce progressive technological solutions in the new product that will make it even more popular and sophisticated.

Global restyling has affected all parts of the car. As a result, the sedan received a new body layout, contributing to the expansion of the configuration, but at the same time retained a democratic cost. The changes also affected the appearance of the novelty, and the interior, and the technical equipment.

The exterior appearance of the Kia K5 2021

Kia K5 2021

Even when reviewing the images of the 2021 Kia K5, one can see that it is an ultra-modern and striking car with oversized body dimensions that enhance the effect of luxury and high cost. During the restyling of the Kia K5 2021
decorated with many embossed accents, unique lighting details, and large air intakes. All these elements give the exterior elegance and expressiveness.

Kia K5 2021

The front projection of the executive sedan looks the most striking. This is due to the dynamic slope of the windscreen and the sloping bonnet, which has stylish height transitions and resembles an airplane wing.

Basically, the front of the car is set low, but the increased length and width make it impressive. The headlights with LED filling are made in the form of a space comet with a tail. They have LED-edging of complex configuration and several different-level sections.
The radiator grille has become narrower than on previous models but retains the signature concept at the bottom and top, as well as the large pattern. The design of the front side is completed with a voluminous bumper, which is cut with air intakes, many elements to improve aerodynamics, and a platform for placing a license plate.

Kia K5 2021

From the profile projection, the Kia K5 2021 looks futuristic. This is facilitated by a streamlined, low-slung roof, imposing drop-shaped side glazing, and clever transitions between chopped and undulating relief, which are combined with graceful sills and wheel arches.

Of the distinctive features of the profile, one can single out the rounded shape of the mirrors, set on thin legs and decorated with repeaters of turns, massive body pillars and door handles that protrude widely from the main body of the body.

Kia K5 2021

The rear of the 2021 Kia K5 begins with oversized glass with a strong slope, combined with a shortened trunk lid and an aerodynamic lip at the trailing edge. A little below you can find fancy design lights with LED fillings. Beyond is the bulk of the luggage compartment, with modest embossed accents. A discreet bumper with air duct cutouts, aerodynamic transitions, and protective inserts is installed under it.

Dimensions Kia K5 2021:

Length, mm                                                            4905
Width, mm                                                             1860
Height, mm                                                            1455
Distance between wheel axles, mm                       2850
Clearance, mm                                                       150

Interior of Kia K5 2021

Kia K5 2021

The interior of the 2021 Kia K5 is replete with a variety of plastic, fabric, and leather inserts, making the sedan luxurious and expensive. The seats are characterized by maximum comfort, allowing you to cover long distances without any inconvenience. A chic infotainment complex and various options do not allow passengers to get bored during road trips.

The interior of the Kia K5 2021 center console looks bright and austere at the same time. It does not have any mechanical switches other than the alarm activator. Above, there are elongated air ducts and a central multimedia display in a large format.

Kia K5 2021

There is an informative instrument panel next to it, and a little lower – the climate system panel and auxiliary virtual buttons. Further, there is a tunnel, where a progressive “washer” is installed instead of the traditional transmission selector. By default, there are places for interfaces for connecting external devices and a platform for wireless charging of a smartphone.

Cup holders, niches for storing useful things, and a massive armrest with cooling are available from the comfort options.

Kia K5 2021

The sedan has 5 seats, which are quite suitable for accommodating tall riders. The seats are upholstered with high-quality leather and have an ergonomic filling. The front seats are distinguished by developed lateral support, electric adjustments, and heating. In addition, additional “buns” are provided for them.

Kia K5 2021

On the second row, there is a function for adjusting the angle of the backrest, and a massive armrest table is available for passengers who are on it.

Kia K5 2021

The luggage compartment has a capacity of 520 liters.

Specifications of Kia K5 2021

Kia K5 2021

The new generation Kia K5 2021 has been adapted to the distinctive features of the multi-purpose bogie with a transverse engine arrangement. The undercarriage consists of an independent suspension based on struts and levers, safety equipment, and anti-roll bars.

Depending on the supply market, the Kia K5 2021 will be available with different powerplant options. As the base unit, a two-liter aspirated gasoline engine is used, generating 160 liters. from. power. If gas is used, the power reserve is reduced to 146 hp.

Kia K5 2021

The next in the line is a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with 180 hp. and a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated 194 hp. Also, representatives of the Korean automaker announced the imminent appearance on the sale of a hybrid engine with a capacity of 195 hp. The most advanced motor works in conjunction with a robotic 8-band gearbox. Other variations will receive 6 and 8-speed automatic transmissions.

There are also several drive layouts for the user to choose from. The basic version of the liftback has a front-wheel-drive architecture, but an all-wheel-drive layout can be ordered as an option.
By default, the car is supplied with a rack and pinion-type steering gear that has an electric power amplifier. Both front and rear disc brakes are located, but the front ones are ventilated. At the disposal of the driver-assistive systems such as ABS, EBD, and BAS.


The 2021 Kia K5 is a stylish, aggressive, and even evil business sedan that can compete with many other cars in this category. The novelty of the 2021 model year is distinguished by an outstanding body design, rich onboard equipment, and progressive technical parameters. It is aimed at people of different age groups who are not indifferent to their own comfort and safety when operating a vehicle.

Kia K5 2021

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