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Review of the new Jeep Wagoneer 2021-2022: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems, and price.

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The arrival of the new premium Jeep Wagoneer SUV, as well as the more luxurious Jeep Grand Wagoneer, was predictable. The company in every possible way wanted to revive the legendary SUV, which was no longer produced in 1991. The history of the model started back in 1963 and could surprise the buyer with the most extraordinary solutions.

As an example, the latest Jeep Grand Wagoneer designed and marketed features natural wood trim on the outside of the body. Many said it was a luxury station wagon mounted on an SUV chassis. Now Jeep has revived the iconic model while maintaining its status as the most luxurious SUV in the brand’s lineup.

Jeep Wagoneer

The new Jeep SUV was simultaneously presented in two versions: the regular Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer. The main differences are in the point elements of the exterior, interior decoration, security systems, comfort, and technical characteristics. The rest of the cars are very similar and at first glance, there is practically nothing different.

Price and configuration Jeep Wagoneer 2022

Jeep Wagoneer

Prices for the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer have yet to be announced, but the car will clearly not be cheaper than the current Jeep Grand Cherokee. Why such a comparison? It was the Cherokee model that inherited all the developments and the basic design of Wagoneer took over the baton of a reliable SUV back in the early 90s.

According to various sources, the starting price of a regular Jeep Wagoneer will be $ 59,995. For the modification of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, you will have to pay $ 86995.

Complete set Price from, USD
Grand Wagoneer Series I                       $ 86995
Grand Wagoneer Series II                      $ 93995
Grand Wagoneer Obsidian                     $ 98995
Grand Wagoneer Series III                     $ 103995

Closer to the start of sales, the manufacturer promised to reveal a complete list of trim levels, as well as how the new SUV will change for other countries. After all, taking into account taxes and laws, the car for Europe will be weaker in terms of the engine, as well as its individual characteristics will change.

The exterior of the new SUV

Jeep Wagoneer

Before its official appearance, the design of the reborn SUV was practically known. The manufacturer has repeatedly shown teaser photos, a prototype, and before the very presentation, he revealed the future design. Until recently, it was not known what the difference between Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer would be. Now, after the premiere of the new SUV, all the cards have been revealed.

If we talk about the fact that the company has kept the design of the previously recognizable Jeep Wagoneer in every possible way, then it will be too loud. Even the brand is not indicated anywhere on the body of the car, but the model is practically visible everywhere. The new generation of Wagoneer has stood in the modern Jeep style, with a recognizable grille, optics, and a strict rear end.

Jeep Wagoneer

The new Jeep Wagoneer received tapered optics, a recognizable radiator grille, divided into 7 sections, and a large bumper. The most noticeable detail, which did not exist before, can be considered the model’s inscription at the end of the hood, while it will be the same for the usual and for the Grand version. The optics of the SUV, starting from the basic configuration, are fully LED, with integrated LED running lights.

For Wagoneer, the optics received a bend in the lower part, from the side of the radiator grille, which in turn served for the washer nozzles of the same optics. In the Grand Wagoneer, there is no such notch and the optics are completely rectangular, and the optics themselves turned out to be larger. At first glance, the radiator grille is identical, but in fact, it differs in the insert. In an ordinary SUV, the insert is mesh, but in the Grand version, it is with small chrome elements.

Jeep Wagoneer

In the concept of the new model, the radiator grille, the model lettering at the end of the bonnet, and the edging of the grille received LED backlighting. The question remains whether there will be such an option or lighting in the new Jeep Wagoneer because such an approach would only make the front-end design better and more modern. Nevertheless, the optics received LED daytime running lights in the form of eyelashes, on top, along the edge of the optics.

The front bumper of the Jeep Wagoneer looks no less expressive and strict. Similar to the optics, there are differences between the normal and the Grand version. In an ordinary Wagoner, it has an additional radiator grille devoid of a dividing chrome line, respectively, different inserts in the grille, and the dimensions of the front radar. On the other hand, the LED fog lights are identical, right down to the location. The lower part of the bumper of the two models is accentuated by an additional insert made of black plastic, which also serves as a protection. In the center of the bumper, the designers placed additional protection, while the regular Wagoneer still has two tow hooks. In the Grand Wagoneer, the protection is solid, respectively, the SUV has lost its tow hooks.

Jeep Wagoneer

The final front end that also distinguishes the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models are the bonnets. The central part can be raised or there will be two ribs. In any case, the hood gives the SUV austerity, special character, and indicates a powerful engine.

Jeep Wagoneer

If the front off-road vehicles Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are different, then from the side they are almost the same. The large rear window immediately reveals the presence of the third row, and the doors themselves are large. A minimum of chrome parts, lines, and a maximum of rigor in design. The main part of the elements has received a strict square or rectangular shape, which is clearly visible in the edging around the side windows.

Jeep Wagoneer

Also, the SUV was practically deprived of sharp bends along the side, only one smooth line from the front optics to the rear stops, as well as a slight bend at the bottom of the doors. Large wheel arches with a sharp edge add austerity to the new Jeep Wagoneer. This allowed the manufacturer to fit 20 “rims as standard and 22” rims as an option.

Probably the most important detail that is on the side of the novelty, and in other ways, distinguishes these two modifications from the side – the nameplate. As in other models of the company, it was located at the bottom of the front door. Depending on the model, there will be an inscription Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer. The buyer was offered a choice of 7 different shades of body color:

  • black brilliant;
  • white;
  • snow white;
  • silver;
  • dark grey;
  • ruby;
  • dark blue.

For the Grand Wagoneer, body shades are also available in dark green, light blue, and deep red. Two more differences that may not be immediately noticeable are the two-tone color of the body and the electrically driven footboards. For a regular Wagoneer, the body color is solid or only as an option, a two-tone color is offered, where only the roof can be painted black.

As for the Grand Wagoneer, the body can be painted in both solid and two-tone versions at no additional cost. At the same time, not only the roof will be painted in the Grand, but also the A-pillars, which gives it a special look. Regarding the pegs, they are only available in the Grand version on the electric drive, as standard, for the usual modification you will have to pay extra.

Jeep Wagoneer

If in the front in the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer the differences are visible to the naked eye, then in the back they are almost invisible. The main difference is in the chrome elements, the edging around the glass and around the rear feet. Otherwise, everyone is identical.

Quite an interesting moment fell on the nameplates. For unknown reasons, there is nowhere on the new Wagoneer with a Jeep nameplate, and the company’s design is very recognizable. Nevertheless, the designers followed the modern style and placed the model lettering in the center of the trunk lid.

Otherwise, everything is standard, with large LED feet divided into two parts, chrome elements, a massive electric boot lid, and a medium-sized rear bumper. Everything is strict and without unnecessary details, the maximum is a pair of LED fog lights on the sides of the bumper

Jeep Wagoneer

The last detail of the Jeep Wagoneer exterior is the roof. Regardless of the configuration of the SUV, the roof is divided into two sections, panoramic in front with a sliding front part and the second in the back, in the form of solid glass. Stiffening ribs, a pair of roof rails for attaching an additional trunk, and an antenna in the form of a shark fin are also visible on the roof. Best of all, such a roof looks black, then it seems that it is completely glass, from the very beginning to the trunk lid.

Well, the exterior of the new Jeep Wagoneer was really able to surprise. The manufacturer tried in every possible way to maintain the car in a classic, strict American style, without unnecessary details, while not overdoing it with chrome elements. It is possible that after the official start of sales, the company will reveal additional options that will affect the appearance of the new Wagoneer.

The interior of the new SUV

Jeep Wagoneer

Say you were surprised by the exterior, but not, the interior of the new Jeep Wagoneer is sheer luxury and the most expensive finishing materials, not to mention the most modern comfort and safety systems. Only around the perimeter of the cabin were placed about 7 touchscreen displays.

If in the previous generation of Jeep Wagoneer the manufacturer used natural wood in every possible way around the perimeter of the exterior, then in the new generation it was massively used in the cabin. The front fascia will be slightly different depending on the Jeep Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer model, but the arrangement of the elements will be the same.

Jeep Wagoneer

Most of all, the number of touchscreen displays on the front panel is striking, and the size of the panel as a whole. Modern and stylish in the center of the Jeep Wagoneer dashboard is the touchscreen display of the multimedia system at 10.25 “(for Wagoneer) or 12.3” (for Grand Wagoneer). At the heart of multimedia is the new Uconnect 5 system, which can provide high-speed performance based on the Android operating system.

Jeep Wagoneer

A distinctive feature of the Grand Wagoneer is the presence of an additional display on the front panel, from the front passenger side. An additional 10.25 “screen performs 4 main functions: the co-pilot (navigation maps and car device control), entertainment (displaying images on the rear displays, viewing information from the Internet or entertainment applications), access to cameras around the perimeter of the SUV (all-round view and view from a specific camera) and TV function.

Jeep Wagoneer

As for the Jeep Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer multimedia system, there is rather a beginning here, but there is no end. According to company representatives, the system can be automatically updated wirelessly. As technology advances, new applications, comfort, and safety systems may appear. Therefore, one can only guess what multimedia will be capable of. Among the main functions are:

  • voice control;
  • remote access to the “smart home” system;
  • synchronization with home theater;
  • automatic selection of music according to preferences;
  • simultaneous synchronization with two different smartphones (including different platforms);
  • wireless connection;
  • built-in TomTom navigation;
  • independent updating of navigation maps;
  • Wi-Fi access point (connection of up to 8 devices) and 4G mobile communication.

Jeep Wagoneer

Special attention should be paid to the audio system of the new Jeep Wagoneer. It was developed and implemented by McIntosh itself. The manufacturer is considered a classic audio system and has more than a dozen years of development, to be more precise, more than 70 years. Depending on the modification of the Jeep Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer, the McIntosh MX950 can be installed onboard, which consists of 19 speakers, a 10 “subwoofer, and a 950 W amplifier (17 channels).

The McIntosh MX1375 audio system will be considered exclusive and for a separate surcharge. It includes 23 speakers, a 12 “subwoofer, and a 1375 W amplifier (24 channels). Thanks to this set, the system creates a realistic 3D sound that is quite suitable for a premium car. Accordingly, it was not without decor, on speaker grilles, audio control knobs. and all that concerns audio, there is a logo of the McIntosh company, and this is already a plus to the status of the car and the owner.

Jeep Wagoneer

The second thing you notice in the interior of the new Jeep Wagoneer is the central tunnel between the front seats. It’s not just big, but just huge, like in a truck. On the other hand, this is so, because the frame of the new SUV inherited from the Dodge RAM 1500. It all starts with a 10.1 “touch screen climate control. For the regular version of the Wagoneer, climate control will be 3-zone, but for the Grand Wagoneer, it is already 4- oh zonal.

The display can control not only climate control but also heated seats, steering wheel, side mirrors, windshield, and everything related to temperature. A big plus is that along with touch controls, Jeep Wagoneer’s engineers decided to keep mechanical buttons. One panel was located immediately below the multimedia, the second panel is located immediately below the climate control display. Accordingly, the driver decides for himself whether to control the temperature on the screen or using the buttons.

Jeep Wagoneer

The manufacturer claims that the Uconnect system has learned to anticipate the actions of the driver or front passenger and duplicate the climate control panel on the main multimedia screen. The Jeep Wagoneer transmission control panel turned out to be very modest and convenient. Instead of a gearshift lever, a washer is installed, next to it is a gear indicator, a button for selecting a travel mode (Sport, Auto, Eco …), an all-wheel-drive control button, and flags-levers. The downside is of course the black glossy finish, which will very quickly become covered with fingerprints and micro scratches.

Jeep Wagoneer

As for the central tunnel itself, it turned out to be wide and large. The designers had to split the one-piece armrest between the front seats into two separate pieces. By the way, between them, behind a hidden curtain, a safe is hidden, with an electronic key and even a fingerprint, which is included in all configurations of the new Jeep Wagoneer.

There is also a spacious compartment for small items, drinks, and food, with the function of heating and cooling. There are also two separate cupholders (closer to the gearbox washer), which will also heat or cool drinks. It all looks much nicer at night when you can turn on the LED backlight and choose the color of the glow.

Jeep Wagoneer

Now about the interior of the Jeep Wagoneer. Depending on the modification, the SUV can be designed for 7 or 8 seats, with the landing formula 2 + 2 + 3 or 2 + 3 + 3, respectively. For the regular Wagoneer, the second-row captain’s seats will be offered as an option, but for the Grand Wagoneer, they will be included in the standard set, as well as the 3-seat sofa.

The first row of seats of the new Wagoneer is equipped with all possible functions, including electric adjustment in 12 directions, memory settings, and adjustment of the head restraints in 4 directions. For top-end versions, the front seats will receive 24 directions of adjustment, expanded memory of settings, and a massage function. Accordingly, each seat can be adjusted individually, and long trips will not be tiring.

Jeep Wagoneer

If the second-row sofa is included in the standard set of all configurations, then what will surprise the captain’s seats. As a rule, they can be found more often in the Grand Wagoneer modification. In form and functionality, they will be the same as the front two, but with an ottoman under your feet and a full range of functions for relaxation. For a separate surcharge or in top versions, the second row of seats will receive additional displays of 10.1 “each, on the backs of the front seats, as well as an additional 10.25” display for controlling the climate control of the second and third rows.

The manufacturer has built the last display in the central tunnel between the captain’s seats. There is also a pair of cupholders with heating and cooling function, a spacious compartment for small items, an armrest, and a full set of USB ports for connecting and charging gadgets. A small plus will be the electric folding of the second-row seats, which means that the driver will not need to get out, just press a button on the dashboard and the seats can be folded or unfolded.

The third row of seats is not particularly surprising, except for free space. Yes, there is enough space even for an adult passenger and for long distances, while the luggage compartment will not be entirely shallow. The quality of the seat is no worse than a 2nd-row sofa, and, if necessary, can be folded in a 60/40 ratio.

Jeep Wagoneer

As for the interior upholstery of Jeep Wagoneer, starting from the basic configuration, they offer Nappa leather (for Grand Wagoneer, Palermo leather trim). They decided not to limit their wishes and for a separate surcharge, they will offer a variety of stitching options, colors, combinations of materials, and inserts.

By standard, the interior will be black, brown, or beige. Separately, the Jeep Wagoneer buyer is offered to choose inserts around the perimeter of the cabin, but the American walnut will be the most desirable. Previously, it was used to decorate expensive yachts, exclusive spaces, and now in a premium SUV. Also, LED lighting and many different inserts and buns are installed along the perimeter of the interior. In other words, the manufacturer tried in every possible way to turn the salon into a comfortable home on wheels.

Jeep Wagoneer

Finally, let’s take a look at the Jeep Wagoneer 2021 driver’s seat. The instrument panel is digital-only, but the display can be 10.1 “or 12”. If you wish, you can display all the necessary information on the tidy or customize the arrangement of the devices as you wish. The steering wheel of the SUV is made in modern classics, natural wood inserts, two spokes, functional buttons, and high-quality leather upholstery.

Like most cases, there is an SUV model inscription in the center of the steering wheel, but there is no mention of the brand anywhere. The steering wheel can be adjusted in height and reach using an electric drive, and for convenience, the gearshift paddles are located behind the wheel. If we talk about the interior of the new Jeep Wagoneer, then this is luxury in every detail, and the interior itself is thought out to the smallest detail. The use of expensive and high-quality materials, the combination of touch and mechanical controls only improved the functionality of the SUV.

Specifications Jeep Wagoneer 2022

The new generation of Jeep Wagoneer was equipped with previously proven gasoline engines but modified to meet modern requirements. Both are V8s, 5.7 or 6.4 liters, with the former coming with the eTorque mild hybrid and 48-volt onboard power. The engine is weaker, with a volume of 5.7 liters for the Wagoneer, but 6.4 liters for the Grand Wagoneer.

The most attention-grabbing mild-hybrid setup, it is completely new and used for the first time on a new Jeep model. In addition, it has an intelligent system that can turn off the fuel supply in the event of coasting or slowing down, can start or stop the engine without delay.

The basis for the operation of the mild-hybrid was a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 390 Wh. The battery itself is the size of a small suitcase and is installed from the inside of the cab. Air cooling of the battery will be a plus, thereby reducing overheating during operation. Another plus is the suspension, which can be spring or pneumatic. Pneumatics, in turn, can independently adjust the ground clearance, depending on the speed of the car, as well as reduce the ground clearance when disembarking/landing passengers. After opening the doors, the electric drive automatically extends the footrests, thereby simplifying the landing process.

Safety and comfort systems

What is installed onboard the new Jeep Wagoneer is rather a breakthrough for the company, since there was nothing like it before, even in the Grand Cherokee. Modern assistants, security systems, and sophisticated comfort. It makes no sense to list everything, but we will still consider the main ones. The list of the new Wagoneer includes:

  • 6 touchscreen displays around the perimeter of the cabin;
  • Wi-Fi, 4G;
  • Head-up display HUD;
  • Digital rearview mirror;
  • Full package of airbags (including the center one between the seats);
  • Panoramic roof touch control;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • 3-oh or 4-oh zone climate control;
  • Night vision system;
  • Driver status control;
  • Voice control;
  • Wireless charger;
  • All-round visibility systems (external and internal);
  • McIntosh Sound System;
  • Parking assistant;
  • Rear crosstalk detection;
  • Level 2 autopilot;
  • Intelligent fuel management.

SUV complete set

At first glance, there are practically no differences between the Jeep Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer, but after examining these two cars, you understand where the more discreet option is, and where the luxury is exhibited to the maximum. The main concept is recognizable, while the Grand version received more additions. The Jeep Wagoneer Basic Set Includes:

  • Multimedia system
  • Climate control touch display
  • Wireless charger
  • Leather upholstery
  • Three rows and 8 seats
  • LED headlights and feet
  • Spring suspension
  • 20 “alloy wheels

The production of Jeep Wagoneer SUVs has already been established at the Stellantis plant in Michigan (North America). The start of car sales in the United States is expected at the end of spring 2021.

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