honda civic 2016 sedan interior

Salon honda civic 2016 sedan interior, especially in the eighth generation, was simultaneously the epitome of glitz and poverty. Poverty, of course, exaggerated, but many buyers complained about the lack of attention to materials and quality finishes. But from the point of view of design and uniqueness, everything was just wonderful. In the new generation of the model, the interior of the honda civic 2016 sedan has changed: a little less jewelry, a little more quality. Of course, we will tell you the full and detailed sensations only after the test drive, but already now we can say that the interior of the honda civic 2016 sedan has become calmer, and the materials are pleasant. There should be more soft textured plastic and less smooth and hard plastic, and this is exactly what many wanted.

Perhaps, many wanted the appearance of a large screen and an updated steering wheel design – and waited. Now honda civic 2016 sedan interior, the main element on the front panel is a seven-inch touchscreen display, under which there are rounds and buttons of the climate control unit. The good news is that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support is announced for the stock multimedia system, which significantly increases its value, and in addition, Honda is proud to announce that the maximum audio system will be recruited with ten speakers.

Speaking of the 2016 honda civic sedan interior, it’s worth mentioning the numbers. So, despite the fact that the wheelbase is only 3 centimeters long, the rear has become more spacious by as much as 5. The rear seats in expensive trim levels will receive heating, and fold in a 60:40 ratio will already be “in the base”. Well, the width increased by 5 centimeters, which we have already talked about, should also at least partially benefit the passengers. The only thing that can overshadow the joy of the second-row riders is the gracefully sloping roofline that we so admired from the outside. So, if you have a lot of tall friends, after buying the tenth Civic, there may be fewer of them …

The modern honda civic 2016 sedan interior has brought modern trends. The already tired mention of the specific multimedia control with the help of touch-sensitive rather than physical keys, as well as the “handbrake” button instead of a lever, did not bypass the new Civic. For some, this is an inevitable evil, for others – little things that do not deserve attention but be that as it may, they should be mentioned. But from the positive “chips” it is worth noting the camera in the side mirror, which is activated by a button on the end of the steering column switch and is designed to remove such a concept as a “blind zone” from the driver’s mind. She observes what is happening from the side and from behind, displaying the picture on the screen and thereby giving a complete picture of what is happening around the car. Perhaps this approach may well compete with radars that scan the area around the car and warn the driver of the danger when changing lanes with a light signal, as is implemented, for example, in Volvo.

The driver of the honda civic 2016 sedan interior, among other things, can pamper himself with LED interior lighting, electrically adjustable front seats, and see them in contrasting trim: the center of the seat can be decorated with a longitudinal strip. The front passenger has fewer electric adjustments – four instead of eight, but the steering wheel does not loom before his eyes.

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