Elantra N

The first images of Elantra N (aka Avante N for South Korea) have been published. It is the first sedan in the brand’s new family of sporty N-models. The advantages offered by a professional car service https://tuningbox.su/2021/08/26/preimushhestva-kotorye-predlagaet-professionalnyj-avtoservis/

Previously, Hyundai showed the Elantra N only in camouflage, hiding the design features of the prototype. The new photographs show the car in finished form for the first time, albeit partially. Judging by the pictures, the novelty will receive an aerodynamic body kit with red accents, large wheels in the original design, a wing on the trunk lid, and large exhaust pipes.

According to the developers, the new design elements not only have a visual component but also work for aerodynamics. Bumper and side skirts optimize airflow underneath and give the effect of a lowered chassis, while the wing counteracts lift at high speeds for a more stable ride.

Elantra N

Hyundai has not yet revealed any characteristics of the new version of the Elantra N. According to unconfirmed reports, the sedan will be front-wheel drive and will receive “stuffing” from the hot hatch i30N, including a 2.0-liter turbo engine with up to 280 hp. and a choice between a six-speed “mechanics” and an eight-speed “robot” with a double-clutch.

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