Ford Focus ST 2020

Review and description of the Ford Focus ST 2020: appearance, interior, specifications, equipment, and price tag.

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The auto concern Ford has unveiled the new generation Ford Focus ST, which was developed under the leadership of Ford Performance. The model positions itself as a fast and stylish family car. On sale, there are two editions of cars with different equipment – a hatchback and a station wagon.

Exterior Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST 2020

Ford Focus ST 2020 is a “charged” family car, which belongs to the “C” series and is offered in two 5-door variations. It is adapted for residents of large cities (as a rule, the model is used by families with small children) who want to purchase a functional vehicle for daily use with a stylish design and a decent power reserve.

Ford Focus ST was presented back in February 2019 as part of an online exhibition. At the same time, a full-fledged presentation took place only a few weeks later. The manufacturer brought his novelty to the annual Geneva Motor Show. The full-scale show of the station wagon version took place in May 2019.

Unlike the previous generation, the 2020 Ford Focus ST has a more stylish look and a new platform. The exterior of the Ford Focus ST in two body layouts stands out for its balanced and aggressive performance, while it is not devoid of the distinctive features of a “civilian” car.

The identification of the sports version from the classic station wagon is carried out by the presence of aggressive bumpers, a fairly large rear spoiler, and two spaced exhaust pipes. Also, the models differ in the diameter of the rims (18 or 19 inches) and two letters on the radiator grille and the fifth door.

Ford Focus ST 2020

The exterior of the Ford Focus ST features a sport bumper at the front with redesigned and redesigned side elements. In addition, there is an ST-optimized grille at the front.

The volumetric spoiler is located on the fifth door cover and is designed to increase downforce. A progressive diffuser with large overlays is installed near the exhaust pipes.

The model comes in several body colors. The following shades are most popular:

  • Orange Fury;
  • Blue Fury;
  • Magnetic Gray;
  • Race Red;
  • Shadow Black.

The light-alloy wheel series includes 18 and 19-inch models in Magnetite and Dark Sparkle designs. They are equipped with low-profile tires from Michelin.

Ford Focus ST 2020

Restyling changes are also visible in the vehicle profile. The 2020 Ford Focus ST stands out with sporty wheel arches and muscular side skirts. The sloping roofline and tapered glazing give the car a special elegance, making the car dynamic and fast.

Ford Focus ST 2020

The rear of the machine has the following features:

  • Openwork optical devices are divided into several sections.
  • The bumper is made in the corporate style and has a characteristic black insert.
  • The fifth door allows access to the trunk.
  • The glass on the back of the car has good visibility.

The 2020 Ford Focus ST station wagon version is equipped with a spacious luggage compartment of 1653 liters with a large loading compartment. In addition, the car supports the option of folding the seats for a convenient transformation of the luggage compartment.

Ford Focus ST 2020

Interior Ford Focus ST 2020

Ford Focus ST 2020

The interior of the 2020 Ford Focus ST is finished with luxury materials that emphasize its sporty class. At the front is the instrument panel, which displays all important indicators, including oil temperature and boost pressure.

The steering wheel has a wide rim, and the seats used are products from Recaro, which are covered with expensive leather or fabric. The seats are very comfortable with soft inserts. Some of the panels on the doors are highlighted with gray stitching, and the gear lever and pedals are equipped with stylish aluminum covers.

Ford Focus ST 2020

The interior design of the car, as well as the body, underlines the ST branding. At the front is an 8-inch touchscreen display. The multimedia model can create a wireless connection point via Wi-Fi, synchronize with a smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto utilities.

Ford Focus ST 2020

The car owner can display a detailed map with a laid route, an image from all-around cameras, or other settings. Climate control controls are installed under the display, and a washer with a choice of modes is used together with the automatic transmission selector (for versions with “automatic”).

Ford Focus ST 2020

Among the key features of the salon should be highlighted:

  • Large dashboard with the digital designation.
  • 3-spoke steering wheel with ergonomic control buttons.
  • Compact tunnel at the front with elements for easy control of the gearbox and cup holders.
  • Driver’s armrest with storage for useful little things.
  • Comfortable seating with extra lateral support.
  • Adjustable LED lighting.
  • A large number of useful compartments, niches, and other spaces for storing personal items.

Ford Focus ST 2020

Competently thought-out placement of controls and a wide range of chair parameters allow you to adapt it to any individual requirements. Carpets, plastic, and noise-insulating linings are used as finishing materials in the car’s interior.

High-end trims are available as an option as the manufacturer tries to keep the 2020 Ford Focus ST in the lineup of affordable cars for average buyers.

A wide range of auxiliary systems is available to the car user. Among them:

  • Adaptive cruise with an upgraded Stop & Go system.
  • Centering option in the strip.
  • Advanced front optics that lock in bends and adapt the lighting to the road conditions.
  • Parking assistant Active Park Assist 2.
  • Projection screen.
  • Evasive Steering Assist obstacle avoidance system.

Specifications Ford Focus ST 2020

Ford Focus ST 2020

The platform for the Ford Focus ST 2020 uses the “C2” architecture with a transversely oriented power unit and chassis. The body is made of high-strength steel and is equipped with independent suspensions: a MacPherson-type design is used at the front and a multi-link at the rear. Diesel models have only a passive chassis, while gasoline models have an adaptive shock absorber control system that supports different operating modes.

Regardless of the configuration, the car has a rack and pinion steering unit with an electric power amplifier. All wheels are equipped with ventilated brakes.

The new Ford Focus ST 2020 will be available with 2 engine types – a 2.3-liter EcoBoost “turbo-four”, which produces 280 hp. from. power with a torque of 420 Nm, and a 2-liter EcoBlue with a power reserve of 190 hp. at 400 Nm.

The gasoline engine is equipped with both a 6-level “mechanics” and a 7-speed automatic transmission. Owners of the diesel version can buy a car with a manual transmission, and the previously available robotic PowerShift is not provided.

According to the manufacturer, the petrol ST will accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds.

Ford Focus ST 2020

The new Ford EcoBoost engine is the most powerful ever available for the ST line. The unit is equipped with advanced turbocharging technology providing 280 hp. from. power at 5500 rpm.

To improve engine responsiveness, the manufacturer has equipped it with a low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger system. This solution allowed to reduce the negative interference between gas impulses. Using an electronically controlled diverter flap, the machine automatically detects the current boost pressure and optimizes it for trouble-free, high-quality powertrain operation.

The 2-liter diesel is equipped with a low-inertia variable geometry turbocharger.

The 6-speed manual transmission stands out for its fast and precise gear shifting while maintaining a sporty atmosphere. The gearshift revs are reduced by 7% compared to the regular version of the car. The introduction of new technology makes it possible to coordinate the number of revolutions. This option first appeared in the flagship muscle car of the Ford Mustang.

Both the EcoBoost petrol and diesel engines embody the company’s cutting edge in the automotive industry. Both variants are quite dynamic and aggressive, which makes them an integral attribute of the ST line.

Ford Focus ST 2020

Other technical characteristics of the model include the following:

  1. The car is equipped with an advanced suspension with a ground clearance lowered by 10 mm. In addition, the design is equipped with stiff springs (the front mechanisms are 20% stiffer than the predecessor, and the rear ones are 13%).
  2. The steering mechanism has a modified geometry, which provides the fastest response and travel from lock to lock in 2 turns. This is about 15% shorter than the regular version of the car.
  3. All representatives of the ST series are equipped with a switch for selecting operating modes. By default, there are 3 modes available: Slippery / Wet, Sport, Normal.
  4. The 5-door vehicle has an Electric Brake Booster.

Models with gasoline power plants differ from diesel ones in a more advanced chassis. They feature adaptive CCD damping and an eLSD front differential that supports electronic control.

When choosing the Performance Pack, the user is given the option of launch control, Track Drive settings, electronic components, and a system for adapting torque when changing gears (present in models with manual transmission).

Diesel’s “Focuses” have a more simplified suspension. They are equipped with a simple chassis, and to lock the wheelbase, the braking principle is used with the help of standard brakes.

Price and interesting options Ford Focus ST 2020

Ford Focus ST 2020

The ST 2020 with a diesel hatchback configuration starts at € 31,900. In the five-door configuration, the car has a lot of interesting options, such as a large number of airbags, LED lighting, adaptive cruise control, multimedia system with touch controls, 2-band climate control, and 18-inch wheels.

Since the new Focus was produced as a city car adapted for dynamic driving, it combines all the necessary modes and systems for comfortable driving.

The SLA suspension helps the car to better optimize for the driver’s actions faster without compromising comfort. The technology automatically changes the placement of the shock absorbers, making the car flexible and responsive even at maximum load.

The 2-liter versions of the Ford Focus ST EcoBlue feature Torque Vectoring, which improves traction and alleviates the problem of lack of maneuvering room. This is achieved by braking the front wheel while turning the steering wheel.

The C2 platform’s electric brake booster (EBB) unleashes all its strengths in the new five-door. It is capable of generating rapid pressure in the braking system and guarantees reliable braking in a variety of conditions.

With the Track option selected, the brake response is as dynamic and direct as possible.


The 2020 Ford Focus ST is an outstanding family car that can be used for both relaxed urban driving and dynamic highway travel. The model embodies the best achievements of the automaker and demonstrates the standards that cars must meet in 2020.

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