With this law, Washington becomes the first US state to legislate (not by executive order) to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles. It is also the earliest ban on ICE vehicles in the country, as California and Massachusetts also plan to ban dirty cars only by 2035.

According to Electrek, the bill has successfully passed the vote of both houses of the state legislature: the Senate and the House of Representatives. To enter into force, the document only needs to be signed by the governor of the state.

It is noteworthy that the Clean Cars 2030 legislative initiative provides for a ban on property transactions not only with gasoline and diesel cars that are sold in Washington state but also imported from other states. At the same time, the law does not prohibit the sale and purchase of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that power electric motors.

The law, which will come into force in nine years, is not so much a set of instructions as a list of goals to be achieved, including through additional legal acts. In particular, the authorities will need to find an alternative source of funds for road repairs: now it is paid with the help of excise taxes on fuel. The solution could be the VMT (Vehicle miles traveled) tax, the amount of which depends on the number of miles traveled by the vehicle.

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