Rimac Nevera

Mat Watson of Carwow attended the Rimac Nevera launch and drag race of the new electric hypercar with a 1000-horsepower Ferrari SF90 hybrid.

We recently talked about the presentation of the new 1914-horsepower electric hypercar Rimac Nevera. On paper, it is claimed to be very fast. However, how fast is it really, compared to other hypercars?

Mat Watson from Carwow attended the presentation of Rimac Nevera and held the traditional youtube races of the Croatian novelty with the Ferrari SF90. They drove a quarter-mile from a standstill, did a couple of races on the move, and tested braking from 110 km / h.

A hybrid 1000-horsepower Ferrari SF90 worth at least 430 thousand euros is almost absurdly fast on paper. Just 2.5 seconds to “hundred”. Rimac has almost double the power. The owner of the Rimac company demonstrated why it is needed.

It turned out that the superiority of power and torque is enough to easily play a giveaway with Ferrari. While the “Italian” just flies with the accelerator pedal on the floor, “Rimac” can easily overtake him, slow down and again overtake the SF90 as standing at a speed of over 200 km / h. It is worth noting that the less power makes the Ferrari pull off more successfully, while the Rimac has obvious grip problems at the start. But after a couple of tens of meters, the situation changes dramatically.

By the way, when Matt Watson himself got behind the wheel of the Nevera during one of the races, he set a record – the hypercar covered a quarter-mile in just 8.62 seconds.

Even in spite of the record, this race is not entirely objective since the Rimac Nevera costs about 5 times more than the Ferrari SF90. However, in the case of exotic cars, the difference in price no longer makes such a big difference. Another thing is important here – it is obvious that Rimac has raised the bar very high and now again it seems that it is simply impossible to go even faster. It is also obvious that in the case of such cars, the acceleration speed to 100 km / h does not reflect how fast the car is for a long time. Quarter or half-mile races and roll-on races are more indicative.

P.S. With a couple of hundred kilograms more weight, the Rimac is capable of braking a little better than the Ferrari. Beginners are seriously stepping on the heels of the titans of the supercar building industry!

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