Ford Evos

Cross-liftback Or Coupe Crossover – Ford Evos Officially Presented

Ford unveiled the new Evos at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is assumed that this five-door will become the heir to the Mondeo family, which will be discontinued in a year.

The Ford Evos is the first vehicle to reflect the company’s new Progressive Energy in Power design philosophy and is also the first model to be developed primarily by the Blue Oval’s China division. Designers tried to combine in one model the silhouette of a coupe and a high seating crossover. At the front, the novelty was distinguished by an unusual pattern of daytime running lights, an aggressive bumper design with organically integrated cameras, and an adaptive cruise control radar. At the rear, a new interpretation of the Mondeo lights, connected by a bridge on the tailgate.

Ford Evos

This is not a production car yet, but a concept close to it. Therefore, it is possible that by the time of the market debut, the novelty will receive more familiar door handles and changed decorative elements. However, the interior is likely to remain the same – with a triple display across almost the entire width of the dash. A digital dashboard is installed in front of the driver, and on the right, it is complemented by the touchscreen of the Sync + 2.0 media system. Its diagonal is 27 inches, its width is 1.1 meters, and the resolution is equivalent to the 4K standard.

Sync + 2.0 supports online services and can receive updates over the air. The adaptive cruise control, the sensors mentioned above, is part of the new Ford BlueCruise semi-autonomous driving system, which is able to steer the car in predictable highway conditions without driver intervention. In the future, it is also possible to exchange data between the Evos on-board system, other vehicles, and “smart” road infrastructure using the V2X protocol.

Ford Evos

The characteristics of the Ford Evos have not yet been disclosed. Presumably, the production version will have gasoline engines.

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