Formula 1 Grand Prix In Spain

On Saturday, the Briton won his 100th career pole at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Spain.

The second was the Dutchman Max Verstappen of Red Bull. The top three were closed by Hamilton’s partner Finn Valtteri Bottas.

Japanese Yuki Tsunoda from Alpha Tauri left the track due to engine problems.

The next Formula 1 round will take place in Monaco from 20 to 23 May.

World Championship. 4th stage. Formula 1 Grand Prix in Spain


1. Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain, “Mercedes”) – 1: 33.07.680
2. Max Verstappen (Netherlands, Red Bull) – +15.841
3. Valtteri Bottas (Finland, Mercedes) – +26.610
4. Charles Leclair (Monaco, Ferrari) – +54.616
5. Sergio Perez (Mexico, Red Bull) – +1.03.671
6. Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) – +1.13.768
7. Carlos Sainz (Australia, Ferrari) – +1.14.670
8. Lando Norris (Great Britain, McLaren) – +1 lap
9. Esteban Ocon (France, “Alpin”) – +1 lap
10. Pierre Gasly (France, “Alpha Tauri”) – +1 lap
11. Lance Stroll (Canada, Aston Martin) – +1 lap
12. Kimi Raikkonen (Finland, Alfa Romeo) – +1 lap
13. Sebastian Vettel (Germany, Aston Martin) – +1 lap
14. George Russell (Great Britain, Williams) – +1 lap
15. Antonio Giovinazzi (Italy, Alfa Romeo) – +1 lap
16. Nicolas Latifi (Canada, Williams) – +1 lap
17. Fernando Alonso (Spain, Alpin) – +1 lap
18. Mick Schumacher (Germany, “Haas”) – +2 laps
19. Nikita Mazepin (Russia, “Haas”) – +2 laps
Yuki Tsunoda (Japan, “Alpha Tauri”) – did not finish

“Verstappen won the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Spain in the first corner, and the Red Bull lost it on strategy.”

 Formula 1 Grand Prix In Spain

– I believe that Max Verstappen won the race in the first corner, and the Red Bull lost it in the pit-stop strategy,
Clearly, Hamilton did not expect Max to overtake in the first corner. The Red Bull pilot made an aggressive but non-contact maneuver. Everything was great. There were serious prerequisites for the victory of Verstappen since the track in Barcelona is the track on which it is very difficult to overtake. Max controlled the first half of the race well. He allowed Hamilton to drive up in the first two sectors, where it is difficult to overtake. In the third sector, he picked up the pace, drained all the batteries at the exit from the last corner, and even though Hamilton had DRS, Verstappen still kept him at a sufficient distance to defend on the straight. And so that they did not even have to shift for the defense.

And in principle, so Verstappen would have reached the finish line if the Red Bull made another pit stop for him, right after Hamilton’s second pit stop. He had a new set of soft tires! I’m sure that Verstappen had the opportunity to once again go to the pit stop after Lewis turned the tactics around. Mercedes understood that it would be almost impossible to overtake Verstappen in pure speed on the Verstappen track. Therefore, they decided that by the end of the race they would be on fresh tires and turned the tactics upside down. Thanks to this, we won the race. This is a very good strategy job. But it should be noted that the “Red Bull” made another serious mistake: at the first pit stop very late took out the tires to Verstappen. The two seconds that the bulls lost in the pit stop are the two seconds that Hamilton would have had to play in the race. I was confident in the victory of Verstappen in the middle of the distance. Again, very surprised that Red Bull did not call him for a second pit stop to cover Mercedes’ strategy. It’s not very clear why it was necessary to create a situation where there is a huge difference in tires by the end of the race.

I think Verstappen had a great race. Hamilton in terms of aerobatics looked weaker and in this case, won due to the team’s strategy.

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