Audi Q3 interior

The good looks of the new interior of the Audi Q3 are pleasing to the eye. Almost all the features of the older models have been preserved, but there are also their own elements of individuality. For example, the front end has a very charismatic design. The branded radiator grille shield has acquired a large number of corners, now there are six of them. The same trend is observed in some of the new models of the brand. For example, a striking representative of this trend is the newest A6. The rather narrow, graceful headlights are somewhat recessed in the body, this is another characteristic feature of the Audi Q3 interior. Otherwise, everything is traditional, almost the same bumper shape as the Q5, with the same giant slots on it. Looking at the compact interior of the Audi Q3
behind, you find even more similarities with the Q5. A very similar shape of the rear optics, the same contours of the 5th door, except for some design touches. In general, there are many things that unite these “sisters”. The profiles are also very similar, but from this perspective, the interior of the Audi Q3 looks a kind of robust compared to the Q5, thanks in large part to the smaller dimensions and the greater slope of the rear roof pillar. Dimensions, in principle, are the only thing that will prevent them from being confused when viewed from behind and from the side. Overall, the Q3 has a very, very attractive design.

Audi Q3 interior inside

As for the interior of the Audi Q3, there are no complaints. The quality of materials and workmanship is solid. There is no sense of gloominess inside, as in many modern cars. On the contrary, very comfortable modern seats with well-developed lateral supports take the driver and passenger into their arms. A friendly and pleasant-to-look panel with a center console shifted towards the driver evokes only bright positive emotions. By the way, the interior design of the Audi Q3 has little in common with those of the Q5. The foldable display of the multimedia system is located directly above the center console. Below it there is a block of deflectors of the heating system, an audio system takes place under this block, and even lower are the controls for the air conditioning system and other systems. At the very bottom of the center console is the engine start button. Another example of clever ergonomics lies between the front seats, where two deep enough cupholders are conveniently located. The dashboard is also at a height, the data from it is read perfectly at any time of the day. There is a large color display between the speedometer and tachometer. The rear seats are quite spacious considering the small size of the car, there is enough headroom. Seats are designed for 3 people, each seat is equipped with head restraints. A convenient shelf with glass holders even slides out of the back of the middle seat. A folding front passenger seat can be ordered for a reasonable fee. With this configuration, it will be possible to transport loads of impressive volumes. Trunk volume 460 liters, folding the seats, it can be increased to 1365 liters.

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