Audi A3 interior

In terms of interior filling, the Audi A3 interior completely repeats the hatchback. Despite the presence of simple and restrained lines in the Audi A3 interior, it looks original and modern. Some car enthusiasts equate the car in terms of ergonomics with releases from the 70s. This is accentuated by the circular design of the deflector windows, the primitive dashboard, and the distinctive placement of the controls. There are many similarities to the 2020 A7’s interior.

When reviewing the Audi A3 interior in the cabin, it is easy to see the presence of expensive finishing materials. The developers of the model decided not to skimp on finishing solutions, so their quality and appearance have significantly improved.

In the interior of the Audi A3, there are minimalist lines on the center panel. All the accents in the cabin look compact and simple.
The design of the Audi A3 interior is complemented by a laconic instrument panel and a large steering wheel with many functional elements. The gearbox control unit is located in a convenient place and does not cause complaints about ergonomics. In addition, there are 2 cupholders near the gear selector.

When examining the Audi A3 interior, one cannot but pay attention to the updated seats with reinforced lateral support, flexible adjustments, and a large armrest.

The rear sofa does not stand out as comfortably as the front seats. Therefore, tall passengers who are in the back may feel a lack of space. The luggage compartment volume reaches 425 liters.

The database provides the following options and auxiliary systems:

  • parking sensors;
  • cabin climate control;
  • ABS, EBD;
  • airbags;
  • fog lights.

The entire instrument section has been completely renewed. The analog shield was replaced with a 3-mode digital display. The multimedia has a 12-inch screen on the first tier rather than at the top of the console. Below it is a sector for adjusting service options.

The progressive MMI platform with the most significant updates was used as a multimedia system. In contrast to previous releases of the Audi A3, the new sedan has all the options and settings denser, and the computing power is increased by almost 10 times.

To control the system, you do not have to perform complex manipulations and a large number of clicks. The sedan constantly interacts with an interactive interface, and users have access to the online functions of the Audi Connect platform.

The block design of the main tunnel, which is equipped with a gearbox selector and various switches, looks unusual.

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