2017 jeep grand cherokee interior

2017 jeep grand cherokee interior

2017 Jeep grand cherokee interior in comparison with the exterior, the interior design of the car received more significant changes, which were lacking in its predecessor. First of all, we are talking about finishing materials, which have significantly increased in quality and deserve the right to be called “premium”. Secondly, the 2017 Jeep grand cherokee interior of the front torpedo has become more ergonomic and has got an advanced multimedia and entertainment complex, depending on the version, with a 5 or 8.4-inch screen.

The 2017 Jeep grand cherokee also touches the interior of the driver’s seat, it has a new multifunction steering wheel that allows you to control almost all systems of the car, as well as a fully digital instrument panel, represented by a 7 “screen. The gear knob has also undergone changes, which received not only a new, more futuristic design, but also an additional button for controlling the operating modes of the “box”.

2017 Jeep grand cherokee interior front seats provide maximum comfort and have a wide range of adjustments that guarantee an excellent fit for people of any size and height. Between the front seats, there is a large armrest, inside of which there is a niche for various little things.

The rear seats can easily accommodate three riders, and none of them will be constrained by the amount of free space.

Trunk volume in the standard position is 782 liters, and with folded second-row seats – 1554 liters.

As befits a premium car, the Grand Cherokee offers customers a wide range of customization options for the 2017 Jeep grand cherokee interior, not only in color but also in the type of trim material.

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